Acne & acne scars

 Facial wrinkles

 Pore minimizing

 Skin tightening and lifting

We can help treat the following conditions

 Pain Management

- Neck pain

- Back pain

- Frozen shoulder

- Shoulder pain

- Wrist & Fingers pain &††

†† numbness

- Low back pain

- Knee pain

- Heel pain

- Feet numbness



Facial Rejuvenation

Weight Control

We apply the most innovative acupuncture techniques for facial

†and body skin rejuvenation and provide services and treatment


 Allergies & Asthma

 Anxiety, depression, & stress

 Autoimmune disorders


 Digestive disorders

 Headaches & migraines

 Infertility & feminine issues


 Neurological issues

 Poor memory

 Stroke (including Bellís palsy)


 Skin tightening and lifting

 Stretch marks

 Weight loss

 Burn (steam, flame & flash burn)


Jaein Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine


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